What is with the whole "Cult" thing?

It's a really really old joke. Back when DVD's were new, and their special features sections were novel, we thought it would be cool to have an Easter Egg "hub" in our games where the developers were NPCs and you could talk to them or see hidden or broken content. In those days adding a bunch of 3d bodies for everyone would have boosted the size of any game by a noticeable amount, so the idea was to just put in unique heads, and reuse some drab robe (as pretty much every fantasy game was going to have a robe in it already) for everyone's body. Needless to say, in the many years since DVD special features sections were new the joke has... snowballed.
That and we trapped a demon into a large containment crystal and are slowly draining away it's infinite life force to sustain an eldrich sanctuary where our written characters walk among us. Lemmie tell ya what, it really helps the writer's block.

Kale the Quick

Gamer since the single digits, Kale is a lover of all types of entertainment. From Video games and Anime, all the way to musical theatre and opera. He leads the charge into new projects, and is always on the lookout for new and interesting content.


An ancient being made of pure music. Feather enjoys consuming the food and kickass music. She makes wonderful music, and once boxed the devil.

Sentient learning Mainframe

Why limit your adaptive neural networks to static hardware? There is silicon everywhere so if you can make it just add more components to itself nothing bad could happen at all. Nothing at all.

The Nozzle

The Nozzle is used to scan new hires. It must first calibrate and then scan. Do not look away from the nozzle.


Do not attempt to percive Tsebaloth. Attemping to percive Tsebaloth may result in perciving Tsebaloth. Those who percive Tsebaloth may have Tsebaloth notice them, upon which time Tsebaloth may open one of his seven mouthes and attempt to engage in dalogue. If This happens you are already in too deep so you might as well listen to what he has to say.


Chet sucks. Nobody likes him. This fucker is constantly forgetting to prune the mainframe. Seriously, his only job is to keep that damn thing away from The Nozzle.