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Aegis Online

An online tabletop designed to be simple to pick up, but with lots of tools to master and enhance the experience.

Distance does not need to be a reason to stop playing your favorite games with your best friends anymore. Aegis Online is the first 3d tabletop system built spesifically for traditional tabletop RPGs and wargaming. At it's core it lets you place virtual miniatures, walls, and connect with friends. But with powerful customization tools that let you take the game to the next level. It is always tough to find enough time to game, and a couple clever scripts for the built in python scripting system can automate some of the more tedious parts of the game, letting you role play and fight more!

Join the official facebook group and hop into the discussion here.

Join the official facebook group and hop into the discussion here.

Blaster Girls

A fast paced first person arena shooter. Running, jumping, dodging, and shooting are all the name of the game as you battle evil with a squad of the galaxy's most elite mercenaries, The Blaster Girls

Blaster Girls lets one or more players battle against each other in the arena, or work together on co-operative missions. Follow the story missions to learn more about the blaster girls, or tackle a variety of side challenges like horde mode, or obsticle races. Designed to start in framiliar FPS territory, and expand in new directions of gameplay, Blaster Girls is sure to be fun for all ages.

The latest alpha build of Blaster Girls can be downlaoded here.